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The Feel Good Life

An intimate women's program to rewire your nervous system, heal trauma, and restore your pleasure

September 6-December 15, 2023


Receive the education, practices, tools, and support to restore your happiness, sexuality, health, and relationships. Say goodbye to old trauma and conditioning and hello to loving and enjoying your life!

Inside of the 4-month Feel Good Life Program, you will:

Experience a profound state of feeling balanced and grounded as you clean out the clutter of your nervous system and return to joy, creativity, and playfulness. 

Shed layers of unconscious shame, grief, and anger that will allow you to restore yourself to the original essence with which you were born.

Become masterful at addressing any emotional triggers throughout your day so that you can stop being irritated at yourself and the people around you, and instead, enjoy fun and connection with people you love.

Shift out of the painful hole of de-prioritizing yourself and emerge into a deep self-reverence, a healthy sense of mattering, and getting your emotional and physical needs met - by yourself and by others.

Stop slogging through the mundanity of daily life and re-discover your natural enthusiasm for life.

Break the chronic cycle of internal pressure and mental overwhelm, and instead of spending more time and money on therapeutic services, you’ll awaken a profound resilience to handle your triggers, demands, and conflict, with ease, clarity, and confidence.

Connect deeply with your sexuality - healing any old wounds and conditioning, while stepping into a sexy vitality that you want to brag about.

Fall in love with your current life or create a new life and an ecosystem in your work, lovelife, and relationships that will have you celebrating each day. (No wine required!)

How Does The Feel Good Life Work?

This intimate group program is founded on nervous system rewiring and pleasure training that is designed to reclaim your natural blueprint of health - without forcing, pushing, or struggling. 

Your natural blueprint of health is where your authentic joy, sensuality, connection, and LOVE live. 

This is a totally unique program in that, first and foremost, it’s fun and incredibly nourishing. We also work with a blend of mind-body-spirit-sexuality methods to bring the central nervous system back to its most regulated state. These include processes to integrate the cortex, limbic system, and primal brain. 

The most regulated state of your nervous system- IN COMBINATION with reclaiming your NATURAL BLUEPRINT OF HEALTH allows you to trust yourself, feel confident, and make choices from a state of profound clarity. (much more quickly)

Reclaiming your innermost being makes you derive pleasure from slowing down, and as a result, fulfill your vision, goals, and, most importantly, have what you most deeply desire. 

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“The Feel Good Life Program has given me confidence in my career and the ability to achieve my goals. I now work LESS and make MORE”


“This powerful container allows me to connect with my pleasure and my body”


“The Feel Good Life program has provided me the tools to let go of the constant worry in my head, and create a life beyond my wildest dreams"


Bring on all the details

Dates: September 6 - December 15, 2023

  • • The first class is Wednesday 9/6. All other classes are Tuesdays and Fridays

Structure & Content:

  • • 4 months
  • • 12 Modules which give you the education and tools needed to rewire your nervous system and restore your pleasure circuits  
  • • All nervous system rewiring and pleasure training recorded practices that you’ll have for life.
  • • Same-day recordings of all live sessions uploaded in the Kajabi teaching platform

Continuity & Support:

  • • (24) 90-minute live group classes
  • • 30 minutes of live coaching with Rachel after each class (the after party). You can receive coaching while your classmates listen or you can listen while others receive support.
  • • Daily coaching with Rachel via group messaging app 
  • • 30-minute structured buddy call each week
  • • Community and connection with other participants

Private Sessions with your Continuity Coach:

  • • 90-minute private Deep Dive session before the program starts to establish a coaching relationship, create goals and a vision, and take you through a very powerful neural-bridging process. 
  • • Seven 25-minute private coaching sessions 
  • • 25-minute graduation reflection session

Time Commitment:

6-10 hours per week of classes, coaching, practices, buddy call, and messaging

This program is not group therapy - it is a self-focused, “stay-in-your-own-lane” process that you’ll get to experience and love within a community of up to 24 extraordinary women

Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Rachel


Rachel is a sexuality, relationship, health and trauma healing coach, and alternative therapist. She works with women of all ages who are ready to feel vital, confident and enjoy a life they love.

Since 2002, Rachel also worked as a Depth Hypnosis therapist, yoga teacher, and birth professional. She had a vibrant practice in San Francisco for 20 years and transferred that to a virtual experience on-line in 2017 when she moved to Charleston, SC.

Rachel is a dynamic facilitator who creates a beautiful flow in group processes that help individuals go deeply inside themselves while being supported in the group context.

You’ll love her humor, variety of skills and knowledge, and her super soothing voice. 

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The Feel Good Life will give you the tools, practices, support, and community for you to access who you really are.


“The Feel Good Life has allowed me to create more space in my life for the important things - the best gift I have given myself”


“The Feel Good Life has provided me a “toolbox” to manage life’s challenges with ease and joy”


“My life has completely shifted, I feel grounded and make time for exploration, curiosity, and aliveness”


What else do you have to do that’s more important than heal yourself and enjoy your precious life?


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