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10 Ways to Reduce Pain in Labor: A video series by Rachel Yellin for more WOW and less OW

childbirth preparation

Aka “less OW and more WOW!”

You’ve likely spent your entire life hearing the word pain associated with childbirth. Just the word PAIN in and of itself, is part of what causes birth to be more painful. I can tell you that birth does NOT have to be excruciatingly painful. Actually, a percentage of women have actually told me that they would never use the word pain to describe birth. They say some thing like “it’s intense,” “It’s a lot of pressure,” “there’s just a feeling of stretching,” “there’s a swirl of energy in there.” One of my students said, “I felt like my cervix and baby were being hugged”. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

You can search the internet on how to reduce “pain” in labor, and find things that suggest aromatherapy, staying upright and moving around, and getting an epidural. Maybe these things can help you. In my experience of being present for hundreds of births and helping thousands of women prepare for and give birth and listening to countless women share their stories of what helped them during birth, I can pretty much promise you that if you implement and practice the strategies that I provide in my video series you will have a manageable birth experience. AKA “less ow and more WOW!”

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