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Practicing For Birth: An article by Rachel Yellin

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As women prepare for birth, they usually spend their time taking classes, reading books, watching videos and talking to other people about birth. While this can be helpful, another important, often neglected piece, is to PRACTICE for birth.

With any important event in life, like giving a speech or running a race, you’d do everything you could to feel totally ready, prepared, and relaxed for the big event. That’s why I created my audio program – to provide women with an easy, relaxing way to train their mind and body to do what their body is designed to do – birth a baby.

Women and their partners need a way to integrate and practice all of the information and techniques that they learn in their birthing classes. Whether you’re taking a class with me or with someone else, the information in the class is only going to go so far in helping you have what you need for birth. What you need is to learn how to consciously relax your body, quiet your mind and direct it to a positive place for birthing, while tuning out the outside world so you can concentrate on what’s most important – your baby.

When you’re learning in a class or reading a book, your intellect is activated and you are at a conscious mind level. But your intellect is not the one who is giving birth. Your subconscious mind and your body are the ones directing your baby’s birth. So what you need is a tool that helps you relax your body, so that your active thinking mind can become very quiet. In that quiet place, you listen to positive statements, and you imagine pleasant images. From there, your subconscious mind, which runs your body and your beliefs, becomes filled with the words, images, and affirmations that build your confidence, helps you focus and concentrate on your breathing, and helps you pay attention to your baby when he or she is being born.

This audio program is the vehicle by which you can take the intellectual information that you’ve learned and read and integrate it into the subconscious body. A skillset that helps you not only manage the sensations of birth, but to actually go towards those sensations, welcoming them; as those necessary sensations make it possible for you to meet your new baby.

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond teaches you how to relax your body and quiet your active, thinking mind. In that quiet place, your subconscious mind, which runs your body and your beliefs, can be filled with the positive words, images, and affirmations that build your confidence, help you focus, concentrate on your breathing, and connect with your baby to make your birth experience a calm, loving and satisfying experience.


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