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Interview With Andrea Ferretti of the Yogaland Podcast

media interview

So fun! Lately I’ve been on a roll chatting with inspirational bloggers and podcasters, and my interview with the amazing Andrea Ferretti was another awesome experience. Andrea is the host of the YogaLand Podcast. She and her guests share uplifting yoga stories, have conversations about life issues, and tell us how yoga can help. The best parts include sound health and wellness advice, and occasional super nerdy yoga talk.


In my interview, Andrea and I discuss my, more than 15 years of being a yoga teacher and how my yoga practice weaves into my depth hypnosis practice and my birth education techniques. And, when I teach yoga, there are aspects of depth hypnosis and relaxation that are woven through the physical practice. I’m implementing aspects of hypnosis in the postures, in terms of rhythm of breath, cadence of voice and frequency of spacing the movements. They are so interconnected. All those years of talking people through savasana taught me how to use breath, rhythm and voice to get people to relax. These elements are why my depth hypnosis and birth relaxation techniques work so well for so many people.

It really is the pranayama (yogic breathing) and capacity to relax that makes birth so much more manageable (and much less painful) for so many of my Yes To Birth! students.


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