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"Rachel Yellin's childbirth education classes were amazing! Rachel brings a depth of experience that made the world of difference to my labor experience. Her audio relaxation program in particular was so wonderful in helping me to let go of some fears I had during pregnancy and enabling my daughter's birth to be an experience where I felt both empowered and informed. I also listened afterwards to Rachel's new mother relaxation recordings and found moments of peace amidst a challenging start to motherhood. She has so much knowledge and her "Yes to Birth" program is well worth the investment - as Rachel says, "birth matters" and I highly recommend working with Rachel for anyone wanting to feel confident and ready to advocate for themselves during the birth experience."

 Row O.


Hi, I'm Rachel Yellin

I’m here to support you as you navigate all the uncertainty and decisions, while keeping you relaxed and excited to meet your baby!

During my journey as a professional doula and alternative therapist, attending hundreds of births and teaching thousands of people the fundamentals of HypnoBirthing Childbirth education along with many other modalities, I developed a unique childbirth program to not only help you get through the birth, but to actually help mom’s and their partners to LOVE the transformational experience of giving birth.

Get ready to experience the WOW with a lot less OW!

Yes, I'm ready!

Yes To Birth Childbirth Classes are different from other types of birth classes

I teach with a very unique style of humor, story telling, facts, and practices. You’ll definitely be entertained while you’re learning.

There is a huge emphasis on applying what you’re learning to your pregnancy, and every aspect of your life. I’ve been told this is a “life techniques” course - not just birth techniques. We focus on practice. You will walk away from each class with a clear understanding of what to practice so that you can integrate the material. In addition, you’ll receive the audio relaxation program which is your essential practice tool.

These classes will incorporate the same topics as traditional childbirth classes, however the type of practical application and level of integration that you’ll get is like no other!

Lastly, I have been extensively trained in HypnoBirthing and I use this technique along with many other modalities to create a deeper understanding and powerful experience.

What's on the inside?

10 Engaging Classes + A Connecting Practice Session with Your Birth-Partner + Course E-book + Relaxation Audios


A New Paradigm for Birth - The ‘YES’ Model


  • Welcoming and creating a positive birth for your baby 
  • Getting excited + knowing what to do = you can handle it
  • How relaxation changes the sensations of labor
  • Aligning with your vision & orienting your choices to your baby’s needs
  • Setting limits with family/friends & the importance of connection
  • Taking personal responsibility - no one is coming to save you 

Your Presence Is Needed


  • Pleasure in labor 
  • Understanding meditation and its benefits
  • Your daily practice for birth 
  • What happens in the nervous system during birth
  • Being receptive and directive to your birth partner 
  • What your team is there for

The Essentials for Birth


  • Hypnosis-based birth techniques
  • Business Meetings and Intimacy Meetings
  • 5 Birth Essentials: Power, Connection with your baby, Relaxation and Conserving your energy, Mindset, Breathing
  • Planning for maternity leave 

The Birth Portal and Your Pelvis


  • Choosing a birth location that is aligned with your vision and preferences
  • The emotional, psychological and energetic components of birth
  • Pelvis demonstration & encouraging an optimal position
  • How vaginal exams are done
  • Benefits of going into labor naturally
  • How to handle a breech baby

Everyone Get in Position


  • Helping your baby have a positive experience
  • Preventing a posterior position & how to help a baby turn 
  • Preparing your vagina for birth & caring for your vulva after birth
  • Nutrition to support your baby’s growth and placental health
  • What to do when you’re in labor and when to tell people 
  • What to do in the few hours after birth

The Labor is Actually Happening


  • Signs your labor is starting and what to do if you’re worried
  • When to go to the hospital, aligning with care providers & not people pleasing  
  • Avoiding infection
  • Understanding the Quiescence period
  • Rectal pressure VS pushing, optimal positions for pushing, intuitive pushing
  • Receiving (catching) your own baby

Getting Down to the Details


  • The ideal sequence of birth
  • What happens after you start having surges
  • The variety of ways labor starts and progresses
  • Hospital triage procedures, induction, pain medications, birthing the placenta
  • The mystery of labor and getting comfortable with “I don’t know” 
  • Baby staying with mom after birth

It's All About You and Your Baby


  • Epidurals
  • Hydration, nutrition, and urination during labor
  • Connecting with labor and delivery staff & creating a birth plan
  • Labor and delivery procedures
  • Preventing tearing 
  • What to do with the umbilical cord
  • The partner’s emotional experience of birth

Hello Baby


  • Birthing the placenta & what to do with it
  • Initiating breastfeeding 
  • Procedures after the birth
  • Circumcision
  • The hospital stay & pre-discharge procedures
  • Mom’s recovery & the 4th trimester

A Beautiful Birth Video


  • A recent birth story

  • A beautiful birth video

  • Answering questions

Practice Session


  • Movements for optimal positioning
  • Releasing the pelvic bowl, hip movements & supported squats
  • Throat breathing
  • Increasing pleasure centers, vagina breathing & changing relationship with vulva
  • Maximizing relaxation & the art of surrender
  • Birth techniques review & practice surges with support 
I'm ready to say YES!


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Yes To Birth classes were filmed LIVE over the course of one month in San Francisco with 18 couples

Have a calm, empowered, joy-filled experience

Yes to Birth! 





  • Immediate access to all the Yes to Birth classes, so you can be confident, relaxed and prepared for the most empowering birth possible
  • A connecting practice session with your birth-partner
  • Course e-book to accompany you through the classes and the actual birth day
  • Yes to Birth audio relaxation program for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond - downloadable MP3s to assist you in a hypnosis-based experience

"We really appreciate this class since we used to be extremely terrified of childbirth. The class changed my wife's mindset and reduced the fear of birthing. During labor/delivery, my wife was able to let go of herself, and her body naturally transitioned to a more primal state. At the peak of the surges and strong rectal pressure, she found the affirmation "yes" so helpful as it made her feel the pelvic muscles really open downward. When she arrived at the hospital, she was already fully dilated at 10 cm. When pushing, it felt very relieving, and just as Rachel taught, her body automatically pushed without needing to use her own strength. From her waters breaking to the delivery of our baby, it only took 8 hours without any medications!

We wanted to thank Rachel so much for her insightful teachings that enabled us to have a safe, efficient, and beautiful birth experience."

Jack L.

"My husband and I took the YES to Birth classes virtually to prepare for the birth of our daughter. I wanted a natural/un-medicated hospital birth and this class prepared me to achieve that.

If I could use one word to describe my birth, I would say it was: PERFECT. Every aspect of it felt so right, and I absolutely said YES to every moment of it.

My husband and I used the tools learned in this course to relax, go with the direction of my baby and my body, and have a smooth, unmedicated, natural hospital delivery. Thanks to Rachel for helping us get there!"

Chandler Y.

"For the birth of our sweet baby girl, I got to 8cm & called for an epidural but I used all my breathing techniques like a champ until then. One really important thing I remember from your class was that I wasn't to feel defeated for calling for one when I actually did. I did great & just accepted that was the best decision for me at the time. And from there it was smooth sailing! I slept & rested for a few hours & pushed for 29 mins & along came our little girl!

So thank you again for all you taught us. Now I'm onto your audio tracks for parents so I can quickly fall asleep when she does."

Ellice P.

"Like you need to read another five star review of Rachel to know she's THE ONE to help you through your education of labor and delivery. Well, she is. If you are expecting, you and your partner should sign up for her birthing class today.

My husband and I let Yelp lead us to Rachel, and we had an incredible experience in her class learning about the birthing process (both home and hospital) and techniques to labor naturally.

Rachel's personality really resonates with me: she is fiercely passionate about birth, calmly reassuring, and maintains a personal vulnerability that allows space for pregnant couples to breathe into their own vulnerability in order to optimize their experience in something so delicate and sometimes emotional as a birthing class. I really could go on and on about her as a teacher and guide.

I'll finish with this -- once I was well into 20 hours of laboring, my doula put on one of Rachel's tapes. Her voice! I didn't care and don't remember what hypnosis she put on, I rested my mind and body to Rachel's voice and it truly gave me the strength to keep going (through 36 hours)."

Laura W.

"My wife and I took Rachel's birthing class and we both learned so much and felt so prepared for the birth of our baby girl. We definitely put lots of the tricks and methods we learned into practice during birth and it really helped us achieve the best outcome. While our birth plan didn't go exactly as we hoped, we had all the knowledge to know what to expect and how to shift with our baby girl and have a wonderful birth experience.

We both highly recommend Rachel's class for all expecting parents. Thank you Rachel!"

Joshua G.

"My husband and I took Rachel's Yes To Birth class in July 2019. I went in knowing that I wanted to deliver drug free, and as naturally as possible, but never even considered home birth. Our interest was peaked in the class and we continued collecting information. We had already hired a doula and the day we met our Midwife it just all clicked into place. Giving birth to Emmett at home was so empowering and amazing for our family. I credit Rachel for helping us see that this was the best choice for Emmett's birth. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for extra support for a conscious and natural birth."

Ashley B.


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