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Whether you’re birthing your first baby or you’ve done this before, it can be both scary and exciting.

When you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or afraid, you can’t focus, sleep, or make decisions.

You are meant to be relaxed. You get to enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to birth.

The Yes To Birth audio program is designed to nourish and support your nervous system, creating thoughts and sensations that bathe your baby in love and give you strategies for managing the sensations of labor so you can have a satisfying, empowering birth anywhere.

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How to use the Yes To Birth! Audio Relaxation Program

🎧 Listen leading up to your due date to prepare and practice for birth.

🎧 Listen during birth to keep focused on your breath & your baby, allowing your body to do what it knows how to do naturally.

🎧 Listen during postpartum to create a sense of ease and confidence around parenting and bonding with your baby.  

🎧 Listen for the rest of your life to experience deep sleep and restorative relaxation. 

"For the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy, I just listened to the audio tracks, and what can I say other than IT REALLY WORKS!! I now truly believe in the core of my being that birth is natural, that my body is made for birthing, that my baby was the perfect size for my body... So, when it came down to the day I went into labor, it was really natural to slip into the hypnobirthing routine and birth my baby"

Kelsey L. 

What's inside the Program?

Pregnancy & Birth

10 Tracks Included

Create an enjoyable pregnancy and develop the skills you need to give birth with confidence, relaxation, and receptivity.

✦ BONUS: Includes Labor and Birth Rehearsal - a 75-minute practice to visualize the birth and use while in labor.

After the Birth

5 Tracks Included

Feel reassured and confident as you tap into your inner wisdom to help you and your partner take the best care of yourselves and your baby postpartum.

Enjoy sleep hypnosis for parents, support for breast and bottle feeding and affirmations for new parents.

Going Deep

5 Tracks Included

Going Deep contains powerful tracks that use hypnosis and guided meditation to help you clear your mind, feel grounded, deeply relax and sleep. Rachel’s soothing voice will lead you into an ultra depth relaxation any time you need it. This section is appropriate for any person at any phase of life.


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Listening will give you the tools & skills to

  • Reduce the pain, and create sensations your can trust and manage
  • Get grounded and unravel your stress response 
  • Be able to let go and allow flow 
  • Use love, pleasure and connection to enhance your whole experience 
  • Stay connected to your baby and to your partner
  • Involve your partner in your experience 
  • Remain calm, soothed and supported
  • Feel confident in giving birth with the least amount of intervention and medication possible  
  • Feel reassured & empowered through your pregnancy, your birth and your postpartum experience!
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Hi, I'm Rachel Yellin

During my journey as a professional doula attending hundreds of births and teaching thousands of people the fundamentals of HypnoBirthing Childbirth education along with many other modalities, I developed a unique program to help birthing women and their partners. 

The Yes to Birth Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Audio Relaxation Program is an essential practice tool that helps women develop the mindset to go towards the sensations of labor, welcoming their baby with confidence, focus, and the ability to let go.

This Audio Program uses relaxation and meditation in addition to breathing and hypnosis techniques that expectant moms can use to practice at home so that they can have a less painful, more manageable birth in any location.

All you have to do is listen!

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Rachel’s audios saved me

"I had no idea that I needed this program until I looked down one day and wondered how I was going to get the baby out of my body and feel good about it! I had an 8 hour labor and can honestly say that I felt the surges as gentle hugs around my baby!"

Jessica Z.


I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the postpartum section of the program

"My world was collapsing due to exhaustion and troubles with breastfeeding. Rachel's tracks helped me get the rest I needed, and put positive thoughts in my mind to reassure me that I was actually being a good mother."

Stefanie W.


Rachel is simply an outstanding teacher who combines both intelligence and intuition in a flawless manner.

"I cannot recommend enough her program on relaxation for pregnancy. Not only will you enjoy her course, you will learn a life skill which will improve your mothering and make your life as a whole better. Thank you Rachel, for being a warm friend, and for sharing your rich understanding of life with us."

Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., PT


Become powerfully confident in your ability to give birth

Yes to Birth!

Audio Relaxation




  • Immediate access to the Pregnancy & Birth downloadable MP3's that will relax, support & teach you what you need to know and how to be to have a satisfying birth
  • Immediate access to the After The Birth downloadable MP3's to help you sleep deeply, nourish your baby and feel good as a parent
  • Immediate access to the Going Deep downloadable MP3's that anyone can listen to any time in life for deep, grounded relaxation and confidence
  • Downloadable Listening Guide to accompany you through your Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond journey

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